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I want to realize your vision digitally.

I want to realize your vision online.

Hi! I'm David Hillmer - a Freelancer who is specialized in UI/UX design and WordPress web development. I realize your website project from start to finish. As a psychologist, I understand how users behave online, what makes them click, and how your business will be kept in mind.

19700101 L1013449 2


Infinity Financial Solutions

Infinity Financial Solutions is the leading technology platform for embedded finance solutions

Website offers the innovative cloud app solution for car repair service providers.


Amayday Handmade

Amayday Handmade is a jewelry label that specializes in unique and sustainable products. Website


Datamotor enables AI-generated product analysis for companies. To better target potential new customers, the company needed a form configurator.


What I can do for you.
Strategy, Web Design & Web Development
What my projects entail.
Modern design. Speed. Security. Optimized.
Modern design
The visual design is the flagship of your company. With a user-friendly (UX) optimized and modern design (UI) your website generates trust and convinces customers.
Mobile responsive
In 2020, people browse more on their cell phones than on their computers. Therefore, every website is also optimized for mobile devices. Thus, the website can be used at any time and from anywhere.
Speed & SEO
According to Google, over 50% of users leave websites that have a load time of over 3 seconds. Therefore, all my websites are already designed with a focus on speed and implemented with optimized code. This and additional SEO optimizations lay the foundation of a successful website.
Nobody likes harmful scripts or links to shady sites on their website. That's why each of my pages comes with an integrated firewall as well as general protection against cyber attacks.
Client reviews
What some smart folks say
What we like most about working with David is the quick communication when it comes to customizations and updates. David is absolutely reliable. Any progress was briefly presented to us on a weekly basis, which meant we always knew how our website implementation was going. We will definitely come back to David for our future projects as well!
. - Owner of ProjectOcean GbR.
Working with David achieves fast and accurate results. David's way of working is characterized by questioning things and coming up with new suggestions for solutions and improvements.
- Owner of Amayday Handmade.
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